Programming MARCH in El Retorno del Gigante - Radio Show  from Argentina


* We continue enjoying and present a new and superlative new work of Steve Wilson, the concept work entitled "Hand. Cannot. Erase." based on a true story of a woman who remained dead three years without anyone knowing, with a return to the sounds Porcupine Tree, avand garde, progressive modern sound and great sophistication, with great arrangements and climates, candidate for album of the year 2015

* Enjoyed the new live album of PFM, rescue live his classic album "Photos of Ghost" after the great edition of "Un'isola" in 2014, is now the turn of "A Ghost" another live album 2015 of superlative quality as we have come Premiata.

* Another edition of New Bands Progressive from Argentine; in this issue we present the debut of the excellent duo Anybody There and album called "Monsters" in a modern line that combines prog, electronic, noise-influenced Portished and Pink Floyd, with voices in English; presented to the progressive band Peperi Partum and you cd called same, mostly instrumental progressive sound with touches of jazz and influences of Spinetta;

 * New Special Magna Carta Records, this edition presenting the new studio album from the band Tempest, parents moved Celtic folk prog nineties, with his new job after five years of silence at the height of his great editions nineties, entitled "The Tracks We Leave" at an outstanding level

* A new special of Daniel Sperlungo with oddities, curiosities progressive, lesser known bands of all the times and much more! In this edition the second part of the special on the band Hypnos69

* A new edition of our special Progressive News, with all the new releases progressive, as always ... before !!

* Rescuing CD´s; in this issue, and we thoroughly analyze the history of progressive Venezuelan jewel of the seventies, the band Témpano and you classic work called "Atabal Yemal" from 1979, a progressive sound with big melodic lines.

* A new special Italian label Lizard Records, with great Italian prog bands and more

* And tales, histories, the classic ones bands, new bands and "The music that to all they would like… if they could listen it"

We waited for them


We hope are together
Gustavo Bolasini

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