* Redd - Tristes Noticias del Imperio 30th Anniversary

Are available the "30th Anniversary Edition" of "Tristes Noticias del Imperio" from Redd, historic argentinean progressive band from the seventies.

A new edition with the originals tracks in original order, and 5 new bonus tracks.

The great edition are released by Viajero Inmovil Records and Esteban Cerioni

See more in:

Viajero Inmovil Web Site

Redd Land Web Site


* Metal Mind Records Releases

RPWL - The RPWL Live Experience (Limited edition)

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MASS CD 1278 DG
Barcode: 5907785034815
Format: 2CD DG (limited edition)
Genre: progressive rock
Release date: 22.06.2009 Europe / 14.07.2009 USA


 Landmarq - Turbulence CD

Metal Mind Productions presents the third live album by Landmarq - one of the leading bands on the British neo-progressive scene! The album entitled “Turbulence – Live in Poland” features a recording of the band’s superb performance at the Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, Poland in November 2005 taken from the Landmarq DVD of the same title. Majestic guitars and keyboards, sophisticated compositions and Tracy Hitchings' beautiful voice – it’s all there!

More information


* Introduction to the New Standard Tuning - Tanti, Córdoba, Argentina

Introduction to the New Standard Tuning

Tanti, Córdoba, Argentina

Friday 16th to Sunday 18th of October, 2009

Ignacio Gracián

(información en español abajo)

This Introduction To The NST is open to anyone, 18 years or older, who 
wishes to attend. Players of all levels are welcome to participate.

This Introduction is directed towards those wishing to make a 
beginning in the New Standard Tuning, and it is open for anyone with 
prior experience in Guitar Craft who feels the need to continue their 
work, or to reconnect.

The New Standard Tuning and principles of working in a Guitar Circle 
will be presented. Basic techniques, commonly used in Guitar Craft, 
will be introduced.

The focus will be on fundamental principles in the use of both hands, 
coordination and the direction of attention. Work is done on steel- 
string acoustic guitars, using a pick.

Ignacio Gracián (Guitar Circle Instructor, co-leader of Buenos Aires 
Guitar Circle and experienced member of The League Of Crafty 
Guitarists) will direct this NST and Violeta Winograd (certified AT 
teacher) will present the Alexander Technique.

In order to participate please send an Application Letter via email, 
focusing on the following questions:

-Who are you?

-Why do you wish to attend?

-What is your Aim?

If accepted to attend, you'll receive detailed info about the exact 
location, what you need to bring, and other practicalities.

Tuition fee: 450 Argentinean Pesos (instruction, accommodation and 
meals included).

For more information please contact Ignacio Gracián at:


* Modest Midget & Lionel Ziblat

Admitting to have spent a lot of time on promotion and other preparations with Modest Midget, there are - luckily enough - still a few little gems coming out of the "Ziblat composition workshop". 

- Song of the Needy - is the title of a new song Ziblat composed, commissioned by the Stoppelenburg singing sisters, Charlotte & Josefien. It will be performed in the Bethanienklooster on the 30th of September. More details will follow of course. 

- Lekker Kruimig - was the name of the recent program by the a-capella 'light-Jazz' group De Bilt-Stars. A CD bearing the same title has just been published. Among other tasty scores is the very special song Every Time which Ziblat was commissioed to compose. For more about this very fine group, please visit this link. You can also purchase the cd on-line on the same page. 

- Laura Ros (Buri) - a wonderful argentinean singer has just published her 2nd album - Buri - which is now receiving great attention. It kicked off with a small hit which played on the popular radio La Mega in Buenos Aires; Charly Garcia's song Cinema Verite which includes a Ziblat string arrangement and a keyboard parts. 

If you speak Spanish you will definately enjoy her beautiful website. If you don't, you will definately enjoy this beautiful variant of Latin. Spanish is still one of the richest, most inspiring languages on this planet. 

- United by Music - a documentary filmed in Curacao by Michel Drenthe, features a Dutch student orchestra visiting the island and performing a veriaty of compositions for many different audiences. Among which is a Ziblat arrangement of the Carribean tune 'Eh Eh' by Croes Hildward. The orchestra - the Ricciotti ensemble - have long been a faithfull client for Ziblat arrangements. The film concentrates on humans, love, harmony and how much music can bring people together. Even if slightly out of tune. 

- Different responses have been pouring in about Modest Midget's first EP. 

Visit the band's website for an impression and join the mailing list if you don't want to miss any developments

Music licensing 

- The Underground Music Library is a new music library specializing in music for feature film trailers. 

Directed by Paul Gordon and Amotz Plessner and including music written by many proffessionals experienced in the film industry. 

Check these links for an impression: & 

- MPL Communications - one of the biggest music publishers in the world, owned by Sir Paul McCartney, offers pre-cleared licensing services. Among the selections also five compostions by L. Ziblat, four of which recorded with Modest Midget. Check out 

More information:



* Agents of Mercy & Karmakanic

Two men - One vision - One big wall of sound - One evening of prog extravaganza !!
Everything is possible !!

Jonas Reingold & Roine Stolt of the Flowerkings join forces with a stellar lineup for shows in Europe and in the USA this fall.

Göran Edman - Vocal ( Yngvie Malmsteen )
Nad Sylvan - Vocal & Keyboards (Unifaun)
Roine Stolt - Guitars,Vocal & Keyboards ( Flowerkings&Transatlantic)
Lalle Larsson - Keyboards ( Weaveworld,Karmakanic )
Jonas Reingold - Bass (Flowerkings)
Nick D'Virgilio - Drums & Vocals - USA dates ( Spocks Beard,Tears For Fears )
Zoltan Csörsz - Drums -European dates (FlowerKings.Karmakanic)
Krister Jonson - guitars - european dates ( Karmakanic, Tangent )
Inger Ohlen - Vocals & percussion - european dates

tourdates to follow ( will include Reichenbach,Verviers,Tilburg,Loreley,Karlsruhe,Los Angeles NJ,Boston,Detroit,Washington,Pittsburgh,Gothenburgh etc. ).

( this can be seen on LORELEY festival in Germany on July 10th and SYMFORCE festival in Tilburg ,Netherlands
on Sept 27th plus a string of other european dates - but then has the notorious Zoltan Csörsz on drums instead of Nick D'Virgilio )



Tha great classical prog band "Delirium" with original line up with the new prog band "Il Cerchio D´Oro" from open, are playing a big show togheter, the next July 17th. in Italy

More information:


* Metal Mind Records Releases:

We have recently learned that John Wetton’s management issued a statement on the forthcoming box “Agenda/Amorata/Amata”, claiming it is unauthorized by the Artist and therefore asking that fans avoid this title.

As an answer to this statement, we would like to say that Metal Mind Productions has full rights to release this box. Those rights were clearly stated in a contract signed by Metal Mind Productions and John Wetton during his concerts which were recorded in Poland back in 2003. We feel very uncomfortable about John Wetton’s new management being unaware of this agreement. As this clearly is a misunderstanding, the planned release date of “Agenda/Amorata/Amata” box remains unchanged.

Release date: 25.05.2009 Europe / 14.07.2009 USA


German band RPWL revealed the tracklist of their first DVD release “The RPWL Live Experience”. 

The DVD features an impressive performance, filmed in mid February at the Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice, where RPWL played as the headliner on the second day of the festival ProgRock 2009. The band's music definitely has its own style – modern, yet also drawing from the best traditions of the prog-rock genre. All in all - brilliant compositions, catchy melodies, mature and intriguing sound!

1. Hole in the Sky
2. Breathe In, Breathe Out
3. 3 Lights
4. Start the Fire
5. Silenced
6. This Is Not a Prog Song
7. Sleep
8. Opel
9. Waiting for a Smile
10. Trying to Kiss the Sun
11. Wasted Land
12. Roses
13. Biding My Time
14. I Don’t Know

The DVD also features an interview with Yogi Lang and Kalle Wallner, “Breathe In, Breathe Out” video clip, Tour Footage 2006 (incl. Sleep Demo Version), photo gallery, desktop images, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround sound and much more! “The RPWL Live Experience” will be available in the 3 formats: DVD, ltd. 2CD, and ltd. DVD+2CD. 

Metal Mind Productions will release “The RPWL Live Experience” on 15th June in Europe and 14th July in USA (via MVD).

To coincidence with the release of Shadowland’s first ever DVD - "Edge of Night", Metal Mind Productions will release “Cautionary Tales”, a box featuring the DVD, as well as the re-mastered re-releases of their three studio albums (unavailable for a very long time). Packed with bonus tracks and features, this special limited edition box set provides the complete Shadowland experience!

Disk 1: DVD of the show at Wyspiański Theatre in Katowice, Poland plus bonus DVD footage from gig in Holland
Disk 2/3: Sound track CDs from Katowice show
Disk 4: “Ring of Roses” - re-mastered studio album plus three bonus tracks
Disk 5: “Through The Looking Glass” - re-mastered studio album plus bonus tracks
Disk 6: “Mad as a Hatter” - re-mastered studio album plus two live tracks from recent tour

SHADOWLAND - a British neo-progressive rock band originally formed in the 1990s, by Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Caamora) and Karl Groom (Threshold). The band's music tends towards the ‘songy’ side of progressive rock, while retaining its melodic and emotional intensity. They have developed a style that is both complex and easy listening. The band recorded three albums so far: "Ring of Roses" (1992), "Through the Looking Glass" (1994) and "Mad as a Hatter" (1996), their third studio album. Sadly, due to the onset of other commitments, Shadowland took a lengthy break from recording and performing between 1996 and 2008. Late in 2008 Nolan announced that Shadowland would be reforming for a tour in early 2009. Mark Westwood (Caamora, Neo) replaced Ian Salmon on the bass in this 2009 incarnation, but the rest of the original line-up from the 90's remained unchanged. The tour promoted a "best of" album entitled "A Matter of Perspective", featuring the band's favorite tracks from their three previous albums as well as some new material. During the tour, Shadowland also visited Poland. They played at the famous Wyspiański Theatre during the first edition of the progressive rock festival ProgRock 2009. The band’s performance was recorded and will be released on their forthcoming DVD entitled "Edge of Night" (due in July). 

Metal Mind Productions plans to release "Cautionary Tales" on 6th July in Europe and 11th August in USA (via MVD). Limited to numbered 1000 copies! Full details to be revealed soon!

Shadowland on the internet:

* Guitar Craft Europe activities for next summer are confirmed:

'Beginners & Intermediate' directed by Robert Fripp and 'The LCG Extended Summer Project' directed by Hernán Nuñez, both courses to 
be held in San Cugat (Barcelona, Spain) next July.
Please note that the completion date for the extended project is 
now August 6th 2009.
This is due to the recalibration of RF & The LCG performance dates 
(July 24th - August 1st) in Barcelona, and the fact that many 
participants can't stay until August 9th.

The Beginners Course is open to anyone who wishes to attend, even 
those without any prior experience on the guitar and without having 
attended a prior intro or weekend.

The Intermediate Course is open to those who have at least attended 
a Beginners/Level One course, have worked with and applied the 
principles presented.

Detailed info for both courses: 

The LCG Extended Summer Project is open to students that have at 
least attended an Introduction to Guitar Craft and are recommended 
by a GC Instructor or Mentor. An established Morning Sitting 
practice is a requirement to participation.

Detailed info:

An early application is needed in order to reserve a place.

Attending the project for shorter periods of time is possible, 
please define the timeframe at least a month prior to the project's 
beginning on July 1st.

Also, if you wish to attend and are facing financial difficulties, 
please know that we're flexible and willing to support you by 
offering special terms if needed. If that's your case simply 
contact us openly, we'll do our best to provide an agreement that 
makes your attendance possible.

Please contact me if you need additional information.


* Satellite´s New Album

Satellite’s new album entitled “Nostalgia” was released on the past Monday, 23rd February (in USA on 10th March). The band’s fourth album is their most mature offering so far. The music is a combination of the sound of the 70’s with the modern 21st century sound. The lyrics relate to each other in a loose manner - they're about coming to terms with the past, about the need for a change, starting anew, distancing oneself to one's own past. At the same time, ironically, the music on "Nostalgia" manifests a longing for the mood of the 70's and 80's.


“As the opening fanfare of the 9 minute "Every desert got its ocean" bursts confidently forth we are immediately reassured that the band have lost none of their passion and energy. The structure of the song is reminiscent of Yes during their "Fragile" days, with a powerhouse sound supporting symphonic keyboards and virtuoso lead guitar. Even the vocals have a retro feel to them, the overall result being a wonderful blend of neo-prog and classic symphonic prog.
This is an easy album for me to enjoy and to recommend. This is my sort of music to begin with. The fact that the album contains such fine examples of the style simply renders it indispensable in my book. With this their fourth album, Satellite have established themselves as the current leaders in their field and raised the bar a bit higher in the process. Those who enjoy their prog most when it has plenty of lead guitar, lush keyboard sounds, and most importantly supreme melodies are advised to indulge in a little "Nostalgia" without delay.”



Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0658
Barcode: 5907785034372
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0659 DG (ltd. CD Digipak)
Barcode: 5907785034389 (ltd. CD Digipak)
Format: CD / CD DG
Genre: neo prog rock
Release date: 23.02.2009 Europe / 10.03.2009 USA




1. Every desert got its ocean
2. Repaint the sky
3. Afraid of what we say
4. I want you to know
5. Over horizon
6. Am I losing touch?
7. Is it over?


Bonus tracks (only available on a ltd. CD digipak):

8. The color of the rain
9. Relaxed

Review in spanish


* New Releases Dates from Metal Mind

Just to let you know that our newest progressive rock DVDs are postponed. Please make an update on release dates:

PENDRAGON - Concerto Maximo DVD / ltd. DVD+2CD / ltd. 2CD

New release date: 30th March (Europe) / 21st April (USA)

CREDO - This Is What We Do - Live In Poland DVD / ltd. DVD+2CD / ltd. 2CD

New release date: 30th March (Europe) / 21st April (USA)

FINAL CONFLICT - Another Moment In Time

New release date: 5th April (Europe) / 5th May (USA)

Full info on all three titles to follow soon.



* Strawberry Fields

Strawberry Fields’ debut album entitled “Rivers Gone Dry” is already available in European shops (US release date is set for 10th). The band has recently shot a video to the track “Moon”. You can watch it today by visiting Metal Mind Productions’ official profile on YouTube:

Wojtek Szadkowski, a highly acclaimed musician (Collage, Peter Pan) and a leader of one of the art/prog rock bands – Satellite, returns with a new fascinating project. Strawberry Fields’ music is a strange blend of the old and the new, of rock guitars and soft keyboards, loops and psychedelic soundscapes. But what is most important here is the magical voice of Robin (Marta Kniewska), a beautiful female lead singer. On the band’s debut album entitled “Rivers Gone Dry” Marta is supported by the intelligent guitar play of Sarhan Kubeisi (Satellite), simple yet effective bass lines of Jarek Michalski (Satellite), beautiful keyboard parts by Krzysiek Palczewski (Satellite) and Wojtek Szadkowski's drums. It’s a perfect album for the lovers of such bands as Goldfrapp, Portishead or Massive Attack. Marta’s voice will also satisfy fans of Anneke van Giersbergen (The Gathering/ Agua De Annique).


* Satellite

As previously announced Satellite’s forthcoming album will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 23rd February 2009 in Europe / 10th March 2008 in USA (via MVD). New material entitled “Nostalgia” is the follow up to the highly acclaimed album “Into The Night” from 2007. As the band claims, it's their fourth and most mature offering. Most of the album was recorded in Wojtek Szadkowski’s home studio. He is also responsible for the music and lyrics for "Nostalgia". The album features 7 atmospheric compositions, full of beautiful arrangements with subtle yet powerful sounds. The music offered on the new album is a combination of the sound of the 70’s with the modern 21st century sound. The lyrics relate to each other in a loose manner - they're about coming to terms with the past, about the need for a change, starting anew, distancing oneself to one's own past. At the same time, ironically, the music on "Nostalgia" manifests a longing for the mood of the 70's and 80's. 

To make the waiting a little bit shorter Satellite put samples of the new album on their profile on Myspace:

Neo progressive rock band Satellite was founded in 2000 by Wojtek Szadkowski, who wrote and co-wrote nearly all of Collage's music and lyrics. It was meant to be only Wojtek's solo-project but soon became a real band. They’ve released three studio albums so far (2003 "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset", 2005 "Evening Games", 2007 "Into The Night" plus a DVD "Evening Dreams" (2005). Their fourth studio album “Nostalgia” will be available two formats: standard CD and limited edition digipak with 2 bonus tracks.


* Press Conference Release M. I. A. Box Set " M. I. A. Archivos 1974 - 1985"

The last wensday was released the incredible box set "M. I. A. Archivos 1974 - 1985", containing 2 CD´s with rarities and exclusive material from M. I. A. , the prestigious Argentinean band  from seventies.

In the event, was talk some members from MIA (Liliana Vitale, Juan del Barrio, Gustavo Curto, María Pita) and the progressive press (El Retorno del Gigante, Mellotron Magazine, and more). 

In the final Juan del Barrio was play piano, old songs, for example Close to Home from K. Emerson

The press conference

M. I. A. band today

Liliana Vitale - Juan del Barrio - María Pita - Gustavo Curto

The box set was released for the label “Viajero Inmovil Records”


* Pendragon

The legendary neo-prog rock band Pendragon for once more visited the Wyspiański Theater in Katowice, Poland, this time to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary. With their outstanding performance, possibly one of the best the Polish audience had ever had a chance to witness, and with their line-up strengthened by the addition of a new drummer Scott Higham (also known from his past cooperation with Clive Nolan on the project Caamora), the band surely proved that they’re still a formidable force on the prog-rock scene! 

Pendragon live - 13th October 2008 

Pendragon’s forthcoming DVD entitled “Concerto Maximo” will feature 150 minutes of the band’s performance recorded on the 13th October 2008 in Wyspiańki Theatre, an exclusive bonus video featuring interviews with the band members and behind the scenes footage, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, photo gallery and more! “Concerto Maximo” DVD will be also available in two other formats: limited edition DVD+2CD and 2 CD digipak (limited to 1000 copies). 

Metal Mind Productions set the release date for 23rd February 2009 in Europe and 10th March 2009 in USA (via MVD). 



SBB, a legend of Polish music scene, returns with a new studio album entitled “Iron Curtain”. The band, compirised of the phenomenal composer Józef Skrzek, the excellent guitarist Apostolis Anthimos and the flawless drummer Gabor Nemeth, plans to support the release with a tour.

“Iron Curtain” will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 26th January 2009.


* Metal Mind anounced new Caamora CD

As announced last week Caamora is working on their new release. The double album entitled “Journey’s End… an acoustic anthology” will feature over 130 minutes of acoustic live performances from around the world, as well as a selection of never before heard demos, bonus tracks and interview footage.

In the build up to the release of “She”, songwriter/keyboard player/singer Clive Nolan (Pendragon, Arena) alongside singer Agnieszka Swita performed around 30 concerts in countries such as England, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Poland, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia and Canada. “Journey’s End…” features a collection of moments from these performances. These live tracks also feature some great guest appearances: familiar “She” faces such as Mark Westwood (guitar) and Christina Booth (voice), as well as new friends like Claudio Momberg from ‘SETI’ (keyboards) in Chile and Sebastian Medina from ‘William Gray’ (guitar) in Argentina.

This double album is a great testament to all the musical journeys and experiences that Nolan and Swita enjoyed as they spread the word about “She”. Beyond the live material, there is also a collection of demos that were made over the past few years – interesting to see how the songs developed for their final versions on “She”. The bonus songs include a track that was never used in the end (“In Aeternum”), the specially written title song ‘Journey’s End’ and a Polish song “Grunwald”, featuring cello from Hugh McDowell (ex ELO). Finally there is a short interview with Nolan and Swita, giving us a little more insight into the world of Caamora.

The tracklist looks like follows:

CD 1:
1. Journey’s End (Bonus Track)
2. So the Music Stops (Live in Poland)
3. Sacrifice (Live in Poland)
4. Covenant of Faith (Live in Poland)
5. Embrace (Live in England)
6. Shadows of Fate (Live in England)
7. The Bonding (Live in England)
8. Mea Culpa (Live in Chile)
9. Horizons in your Eyes (Live in Chile)
10. Judgement (Live in Chile)
11. Eleventh Hour (Live in Chile)
12. Murder (Live in Bolivia)
13. Resting Place (Live in Bolivia)
14. Invisible (Live in Germany)
15. Closer (Live in Germany)

CD 2:
1. Shadows (Live in Belgium)
2. State of Grace (Live in Belgium)
3. Glimmer of Light (Live in Belgium)
4. The Veil (Live in Argentina)
5. (I Can See Your) House from Here (Live in Argentina)
6. Salamander (Live in Argentina)
7. Confrontation (Live in Argentina)
8. The Storm (Demo)
9. Vigil (Demo)
10. The Hermit (Demo)
11. In Aeternum (Bonus Track)
12. Grunwald (Bonus Track)
13. Father (Bonus Track)
14. Midnight Radio Interview (with Darren Redick) 


* Universal Totem Orchestra

Black Widows Records label send the information that is available from today the double vinyl version of bwr 106 to  Universal Totem Orchestra "The Magus"

In 2 versions: Cd magicpack edition available from the end of july and LP vinyl.


* Rick Wright It Died

Lamentably, the Monday passed away in London , the keyboard and composser of Pink Floyd, Rick Wright to the 65 years old, victim of one long disease it died.


* Unicorn Digital -  Spaced Out and Prog. Festival 

-Spaced Out new studio CD
-Tickets for FMPM Spaced Out performance now available 
-FMPM2008 news (Gold Tickets Sold Out)

SPACED OUT – Evolution
Available September 13 2008

SPACED OUT 5th studio album Evolution arriving at FMPM2008

Spaced Out will be launching their fifth studio album EVOLUTION at FMPM08! 

It is with a great deal of enthusiasm that the band Spaced Out offers its most recent album entitled 'Evolution'. This, their fifth studio recording, is the result of a collective effort with the goal to achieve a style of music as original and innovative as possible.

The music that the band offers keeps evolving. During the creative process, the concept of the band not repeating itself and bringing it's musical ideas to another level are constants. One thing that doesn't change is the presence of each member's personality expressed through his instrument without any compromise. Improvisation is sill an important part of the music performed by the band, while the continuous exploration with unconventional rhythm, highly expressive harmonic colours and intricate interplay is an element that is still present.

The band Spaced Out has been producing its music since 2000 and will continue to do so as long as the creative ideas keep flowing. The band has performed at international festivals such as Nearfest (USA) and Crescendo (France).

Tickets for FMPM Spaced Out performance now available

In order to accommodate those who wish to attend only the Spaced Out concert and album launch on Saturday September 13 at 3:30pm, separate tickets entitling holders to general admission seating on the balcony are now available exclusively on at a price of $20 plus taxes and fees

FMPM2008 (Montreal Progressive Rock Festival) news

Only 3 weeks to go before FMPM2008.

Gold tickets are sold out but there is still some very good tickets available for all prog fans that do not want to miss the third edition of this great festival. Three days of great Prog music in the heart of Montreal.

Friday September 12: Premier Ciel plays Harmonium

Saturday September 13: SPACED OUT, KNIGHT AREA, BANCO Del Mutuo Soccorso

Sunday September 14: Interference Sardines, Charles Kaczynski, Riverside, Univers Zéro

Tickets for these shows are available at and

P.O.BOX 95016
Lorraine, Quebec



* Redd

The argentinean prog band from the seventies "Reed" are back. With a classicals members: Luis Albornoz in guitars & Esteban Cerioni in bass and voices; in adition the son of the other historic member, Juan Manuel Escalante in drums, cello and voices, are working in new material for a new CD in the next future.

More news in the official web site: 


* Círculo de Guitarras de Buenos Aires (Guitar Craft from Bs.As.) 

Tge Circulo de Guitarras de Buenos Aires  (Buenos Aires Guitar Circle from Guitar Craft) was playing you music live in our studies the last monday 28th (Can listen in Issue 403 Block 2)

More information about Guitar Craft courses in:


* Cushma - Cides - Alexander

New Album
CCA : Not Different But Not The Same.
Cushma/Cides/Alexander + guests (Tony Levin, Trey Gunn and more) 

Mitjà-Media press
Would you like to see something different? Or at least, something that is not the same? The new album of Linda Cushma, Guillermo Cides and Tim Alexander -CCA- is what you are looking for.

The meeting of three artists presents an album full of good surprises and of exquisite bouquet - from the first moment, we find impressive graphic art. It is a kind of box or carton that presents a "freak circus show." On having opened it, we find what might be a modern painting of some European museum - faces and strangers' bodies come from unknown worlds. They look at us impassively and prepare us to enter a musical world where the freedom and the search for good music is present.

The packaging design from Argentina by the illustrator Nuno Enriquez is as special as the music that it contains, which was the premise of work that assembled Linda Cushma, Guillermo Cides and the drummer Tim Alexander recognized by his work with the band, Primus.
>From sticky melodies to uncontrollable moments of rock, the cd cruises for sound explorations including a tango sung in Spanish by Cushma. 

Linda says: "This CD was done very spontaneously, all through the internet, internationally, many artists were asked to participate because they just seemed to fit somehow - it became quite the organization of tracks and personalities, which fits the theme of the circus a bit. The new album has a long list of guests including renowned bassist/stickist Tony Levin (Peter Gabriel/King Crimson) and a remixed version of a song by Quodia with Trey Gunn (ex-King Crimson) and Joe Mendelson. This is one of CCA's many surprises - Gunn narrating a musical story.”

Tim Alexander's intricate drumming is complimented by the delicious and suggestive voice of Linda Cushma and the precise execution of Guillermo Cides on Chapman Stick. Three perfect hosts who opened their doors to different musicians via Internet. 

And it is precisely on Internet where CCA is available - through direct sale at low cost directly from the musicians to the audience, personalized with signatures and with a presentation that makes one want to have it in their home! A different way of doing things, according to Cides: "Internet world gives to people the chance to download the music for free. Since the world of music has changed because of Internet, we just made a special album with a 'non-downloadable' art cover! It is very complex artwork designed by a talented guy from Argentina. In this way, we can offer to people a nice and low cost Cd-souvenir direct from and signed by the artists. This is the new concept we have in relation with the music business."

Linda Cushma is best known for her work with experimental prog-rock ensemble Oxygene8 and prog/fusion project Ezoo. Cides offers Stick concerts sharing stages with California Guitar Trio, Jerry Marotta in duo, Trey Gunn, Roger Hodgson (Supertramp), Emerson, Lake & Palmer, Jethro Tull; Fish (Marillion), John Wetton (Asia,U.K), Rick Wakeman (Yes). Tim Alexander is the drummer for band Primus and has also played with experimental bass player Michael Manring, the Attention Deficit project and the theatrical Blue Man Group. His other projects include bands Into the Presence and Fata Morgana. 

CCA also presents an international circle of special guest artists and friends including Steve Parrish, Gayle Ellett, Mariano Enriquez, Federico Miranda, Nan Mercader, Fatimah Halim, Helen, Winston Napier, Uncle Jim and more, with final mixing and mastering by Guillermo "BabyFace" Zuloaga at Tonica Studios in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

CCA presents a "not different, but not the same" album with really special guests. Deliciously different!

Available at:

Listen all songs in mp3.


* MoonJune Records News

MoonJune Records is announcing two smashing progressive rock albums, that are already creating a great buzz. 
Promo copies ready for shipping in the end of June. Expect yours, on Your way.

D.F.A. - "4TH" 
The very long awaited return of Italian cult progressive fusion masters, from Verona, city of Romeo & Julliet. 
"One of the best progressive rock releases of 2008, quite possibly the best." (Aymeric Leroy, Calyx) 
For more info and audio clips:

Psychedelic progressive post-rock/jam-fusion-space-rock band with experimental futuristic electric jazz flavor, from the prairies of Manitoba, Canada. 
For more info and audio clips:



The last edictions from Black Widow:

* Il Bacio della Medusa "Discesa A´glinferi D´um Giovane Amante"

* Presence "Evil Rose"

More information:




Re : FISH (Ex-Marillion) opening concert in Québec and Montreal

Objet : 1ère partie de FISH (Ex-Marillion) à Québec et Montreal



-SIGNS OF ONE opens for FISH at the Cabaret du Capitole in Québec

-JELLY FICHE opens for FISH at the National in Montreal

Scottish singer-songwriter Fish, also known as Derek William Dick, former lead-singer of Marillion, will be performing in Quebec City on Friday June 27 2008 at the Cabaret du Capitole ( 972 Saint-Jean Street ) and in Montreal at Le National ( 1220 Sainte-Catherine Street East ) on Saturday, June 28 2008 , in support for his latest and most remarkable solo album entitled 13th Star.

Signs of one who's new CD Innerlands keeps getting great reviews, will be opening for FISH's concert in Quebec City

Montreal band Jellyfiche who just released their first CD Tout ce que j'ai rèvé, will have the honor of presenting the opening show in Montreal, their set will begin at 9:00 sharp.

Tickets are available through
Admission and at the National box office.




Barcode: 777078915474

Dist : Canada by Outside Music Distribution, UK by CODE7/PHD, France by MUSEA



Tout ce que j’ai rêvé


Barcode: 777078915528

Dist : Canada by Outside Music Distribution, UK by CODE7/PHD, France by MUSEA



P.O.BOX 95016

Lorraine, Quebec






Bluewolf Bloodwalk
Barcode: 7770789915542
Snarling Adjective Convention is an adventurous group of talented artists who are fiercely experimental in their approach to music. Combining elements of avant-garde jazz, metal, dark ambient, psychedelic, prog rock, and funk, the ensemble consists of five instrumentalists who are well known in both experimental and progressive rock circles: Roger Ebner (wind synth, sax), Joe Kopecky (guitars), William Kopecky (basses), Dan Maske (keyboards, trumpet, flute, percussion), and Craig Walkner (drums). William's wife Sophie appears as a special guest on two tracks to contribute haunting spoken word performances en francais. 

Snarling Adjective Convention’s spontaneously composed debut CD Bluewolf Bloodwalk is a startling collection of sinister, cutting-edge works of art that bristle with dark energy and virtuoso playing. Invoking the ghosts of

70’s electric-era Miles and gloomy French sound sculptors Shub Niggurath, Bluewolf Bloodwalk offers the fearless listener an unforgettable and visionary musical trip. 


MP3 Samples available at :

Barcode: 088907203458


Canadian band Direction was formed in 2002. After 3 albums released independently, the band signed and released the album EST in 2008 on the Unicorn Digital Label. The music of DIRECTION is a blend of each member’s influences: Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Styx, Led Zeppelin and other great music from the 70’s. Direction is not slave to its influences and delivers a true and honest progressive rock sound. The French lyrics tell a story where fiction meets reality. 
With this new album, DIRECTION is ready to hit the road and is preparing a series of concerts for 2008.

MP3 Samples available at :

Direction est une formation canadienne qui a pris naissance de façon officielle en 2002 avec la parution du premier album du groupe. En 2008 ‘’Direction’’ récidive une quatrième fois en lançant ‘’EST’’, un disque qui profite de l’expérience accumulé lors des enregistrements précédents. La musique de ‘’Direction’’ est un amalgame d’influences issues des discothèques respectives de chacun de ses membres : Rush, Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Styx, Led Zeppelin et autres formations des années 70. N’étant pas le clone d’aucunes de ces formations, la musique du groupe ne mène pas au marécage de l’affection nostalgique : on a plutôt retenu l’esprit de la liberté musicale et sonore qu’on utilisé ces groupes, en le laissant planer librement. 

Les textes, en français et sous forme d’histoire, démasquent toutes sortes d’émotions produites par de curieux moments, tantôts réels, tantôt fictifs. Conscient de la liaison intime qu’entretiennent l’évolution et le temps, ‘’Direction’’ a tenu a être patient avant de monter sur les planches et l’objectif de s’assurer le large répertoire que représente quatre albums est maintenant réalité. Le groupe composé de Marco Paradis (guitares et piano), Serge Tremblay (voix, basse, claviers) et Jean-Claude Tremblay (batterie) œuvre présentement à la préparation de leur première série de spectacles.

MP3 Samples available at :



The premiere of the new album by Believe is just around the corner. The band’s second full-length album entitled “Yesterday Is A Friend” will be released by Metal Mind Productions on 19th May 2008 in Europe and 8th July 2008 in USA (via MVD). 

Just to give you a foretaste of the new material, Believe posted on their official Myspace site excerpts of two songs: “Tumor” and “You And Me”.

Believe’s debut album “Hope to See Another Day” (2006) received very good reviews from both media and fans. The music appealed to the lovers of the old Collage but also to the fans of Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and Riverside. The follow-up brings a powerful sound full of faith and melody with some hidden flavors. Features 9 stories about love, happiness, freedom, truth, faith - the most important things in everyone's life. The new album was recorded in the following line-up: Tomek Różycki - vocal (ex-Collage), Mirek Gil - guitars (founding member & main song writer of Collage, ex-Mr Gil), Przemas Zawadzki (ex-Collage), Satomi – violin, Vlodi - drums (ex-Mr Gil). Guest musicians: Adam Miłosz – keyboards, Winek Chróst – guitar, Krol Wróblewski – flue.

Morre information METAL MIND










The Gourishankar have made their entrance in the Progressive Rock world with a BANG with the release of 2nd Hands on Unicorn Digital in 2007.  The Band had previously recorded and independently released an album called Close Grip in 2003.  CLOSE GRIP will be re-released on UNICORN DIGITAL on the 15th of April 2008 .  The album contains 7 songs plus a Bonus Track. The Band is currently looking for a new Singer and work for a new CD is in the work. 


Close Grip Available April 15th 2008




Unicorn Digital is proud to announce that Quebec Progressive Rock band DIRECTION has just signed a deal with the label for the release of their new album entitled “EST”   This is the fourth album by Direction and it will be released on may 10th 2008.




The first CD from Snarling Adjective Convention entitled Bluewolf Bloodwalk will be released on Unicorn Digital April 25th 2008


Snarling Adjective Convention was originally the brainchild of William Kopecky and Roger Ebner. During listening sessions for their dark ambient project Yeti Rain, the duo discussed the possibilities of forming a sinister avant-garde funk ensemble that would combine elements of free jazz, metal, prog, ambient, and groove.  The band also features Joe Kopecky on guitars, Craig Walkner on drums and Dan Maske on keyboards, trumpet, flute and percussion.




World-class fusion trio Spaced Out will hit the stage this September at FMPM 2008. Formed by bassist Antoine Fafard and originally having the name Cortex, several different line-ups came and went before the group were signed to Unicorn Digital to release their first (self-titled) album in 2000. They were the first band on Unicorn Digital, apart from label founder Michel St-Père's own Mystery, and are to this day one of its most popular and best-selling groups. Drummer Martin Maheux has been there since 1998, while guitarist Mark Tremblay has been with the group since the live dates following their second album, entitled Eponymus II. Two studio albums have followed in recent years, 2003's Slow Gin and 2006's Unstable Matter, which was the heaviest to date, allowing touches of metal to fuse with the jazz and rock influences already present. During this time the group has stayed active in a live setting, performing at NEARFest, as well as the Crescendo Festival in France . Two live DVDs are available to demonstrate their prowess. The music of the group is a heavy instrumental fusion that is compared to everything from Return to Forever to Planet X, with Fafard's own bass style reminiscent at times of Jaco Pastorius.



The 2008 edition of the FMPM will take place September 13th and 14th of next year at the Salle Pierre-Mercure of the Pierre Peladeau Centre, in Montreal . Musique ProgresSon (ProgQuebec) and Unicorn Digital are now pleased to present the complete lineup for this year's edition, which includes four international groups: Banco del Mutuo Soccorso (Italy), Univers Zero (Belgium), Riverside (Poland), and Knight Area (Holland), and three groups from Quebec: Charles Kaczynski, Spaced Out, and Interference Sardines, all performing on Saturday September 13 and Sunday September 14, and also Premier Ciel who are performing on Friday September 12, as part of the FMPM pre-show.   More info at




The material for the next Spaced Out studio album has been composed and is now being recorded. The new pieces will offer the high energy music that you might expect from the band. Funky elements are more present than ever and the production will be at a top level. The album will be released by the end of 2008.




It was with much anticipation that I went to see Jelly fiche at the Lion d’Or on Tuesday, March 18 2008 . Mid-week shows are always a bit complicated for me to attend, but I would not have missed this one for the world! This performance was in honor of the official launch of their first album, entitled Tout Ce Que J'ai Rêvé. I was looking forward to see what the Jelly fiche folks had in store for us. All I can say is that I wasn't disappointed because It was just a magnificent concert... but I expected no less from them, judging by the quality of their acclaimed performance at FMPM 2007. I was most happy to see the Lion d'Or packed with over 150 people, the atmosphere was truly electric!

The evening began with the opening act, renowned pianist André Delage, playing Genesis classics on the piano. He presented only three numbers, One For The Vine, Firth Of Fifth and The Musical Box, for a mesmerizing half-hour that was worthy of an enthusiastic standing ovation from the crowd at the end. André played with passion, giving his own twist at times to the legendary tunes. What a great start to the evening!


Around 8:30 , time for Jellyfiche, two screens with back projection at each side of the stage, presenting spellbinding images throughout the performance. They performed their new album in its entirety, including Tout Ce Que J'ai Rêvé, Les Arbres, Caché au Fond Plus Haut, Source Infinie, In Vitro, Dans La Peau D'un Autre, parts 1 & 2, La Fontaine and La Cage des Vautours/Liberté. A brilliant performance from the very theatrical Syd, wearing different costumes that represent the various themes of the songs. Their music, highly melodic, psychedelic at times, is inspired by the songwriting of Harmonium, and the eerie musical arrangements of Pink Floyd. The musicianship is impeccable, from Éric Plante's exquisitely precise keyboard and saxophone work, to Jean-François Arsenault's Gilmour-inspired, blistering guitar solos and Syd's powerful and emotional vocals. Kudos also go to Sylvain Auclair on bass and Matt Bergeron on drums for their excellent work accompanying the trio. One of the few prog bands in Quebec to sing in French, Jellyfiche brings back the glorious atmosphere of the era when Harmonium, Contraction, Morse Code, Maneige and Pollen were masters of the airwaves, packing auditoriums where they played! What a satisfying show, and what a privilege to have seen the band bring all these songs to life in front of us! This is a show you have to see!









This summer will be the 10th anniversary of the release of Destiny?  The third album by Montreal band MYSTERY and last one recorded with singer Gary Savoie.   After the release of MYSTERY’s latest album Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face,  Tracks from the Destiny? Sessions were transferred into Illusion Studio’s computer and the new mix was in the work.  Michel St-Pere says about this project:  Not only this album brought MYSTERY to a new level, but it also started the whole Unicorn Records adventure. But I was not satisfied with the mix and after mixing Beneath the Veil of Winter’s Face, I knew I could bring Destiny to a new level.  The new mix sounds great and this album deserves to be heard the way it was meant to be.  The 10th anniversary edition of Destiny will be released in the summer of 2008, while the band is recording a new album and prepares to do some live shows.




New York band Celestial Oeuvre’s new studio CD is being mixed right now at Studio Illusion by Michel St-Pere. The mix is almost finished and the CD entitled “This Mortal Coil” will be released in the summer of 2008.  Celestial Oeuvre first CD Second Chance released independently was very well received in the Progressive Rock Community. More news about this new Celestial Oeuvre CD coming soon.



Metal Mind Productions proudly presents a brand new DVD release of the legendary Pallas - "Moment To Moment". The Scottish neo prog outfit is one of the very first bands of the neo progressive movement of the early eighties. It's an energetic and magnificent band somewhat reminiscent of IQ/Marillion but with more edge. Their music is based on melodic hooks, loud sound and great voice. "Moment To Moment" DVD offers a real treat for the fans of sublime soundscapes: beautiful and dynamic songs, fluctuating between dreamy melancholy, monumental sadness, and bursting energy. It feature a great spectacle, beautifully adorned with wonderful lighting and intriguing visuals, filmed at the atmospheric venue of Wyspiański Theater in Katowice, Poland in late October 2007. DVD is enhanced with an interview with Alan Reed and Graeme Murray, 2 other video extras ("Tales from the Tourbus" and "The Rehearsal Tapes"), photo gallery, Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound, and other bonuses.

"Moment To Moment" DVD is also available in a special DVD+CD limited swing case edition with a CD with audio material recorded at the show! It’s a must have for fans of good quality progressive rock music! 
Both versions of the DVD will be out on 10th March 2008 in Europe and on 15th April 2008 USA (via MVD).

"Moment To Moment"

Label: Metal Mind Records
Cat. No.: MMP DVD 0135 (DVD)
Barcode: 5907785031586 (DVD)
Cat. No.: MMP DVD 0136 (DVD+CD)
Barcode: 5907785031593 (DVD+CD)
Genre: progressive rock
Release date: 10.03.2008 Europe / 15.04.2008 USA



1. Warriors
2. Hide and Seek
3. Ghostdancers
4. Cut + Run
5. Heart Attack
6. Queen of the Deep
7. Northern Star
8. The Last Angel
9. Invincible
10. Midas Touch
11. Fragments of the Sun / Outro
12. Arrive Alive

Bonus video:
13. Tales From the Tourbus
14. The Rehearsal Tapes

CD (swing case edition only):

1. Warriors
2. Hide and Seek
3. Ghostdancers
4. Cut + Run
5. Heart Attack
6. Queen of the Deep
7. Northern Star
8. The Last Angel
9. Invincible
10. Midas Touch
11. Fragments of the Sun / Outro

Pallas first came to prominence outside their native Scotland in 1981 with the release of the self financed live album "Arrive Alive". This early recording not only displayed the band's already considerable writing prowess and performance skills, but also the characteristic drama and atmosphere that marks the band's distinctive style. The then line-up of Derek Forman (drums), Ronnie Brown (keys), Niall Mathewson (guitar), Graeme Murray (bass,12-string, vocals) weaved a dark and haunting musical presence around the enigmatic figure of vocalist Euan Lowson - a man who's occasionally blood-curdling vocals were delivered in the various personae of post-apocalypse survivor, serial killer or even WWII bomber pilot. This marked them out as a much heavier and more menacing prospect than most of the other bands in the then-emerging progressive rock revival with which the band was most often associated. By 1983 the band had signed to EMI's Harvest label, and with characteristic ambition decided their debut studio recording was to be a concept album based on the legend of the fall of Atlantis. The resultant "Sentinel" album was a suitably grandiose affair which remains feted as one of the highlights of 80's progressive rock. But all was not well within the Pallas camp and Lowson left soon after it's release and the subsequent UK tour. Pallas immediately recruited singer Alan Reed, then singing with Glasgow band, Abel Ganz. Reed brought greater vocal range and a more accessible stage presence which found expression on the subsequent "Knightmoves EP" – featuring the classic epic "Sanctuary" - and the 1986 album "The Wedge". However, frustration with a perceived lack of record company support led Pallas to split with EMI the following year. The band continued working towards a follow-up album "Voices in the Dark", but financial pressures finally led the members to go their separate ways. The band still collectively felt a sense of "unfinished business", and after various putative attempts finally reappeared in 1998, with the album "Beat the Drum". Now with Colin Fraser on drums the band showed they hadn't lost their edge in the intervening years, returning to stages across Europe with renewed vigour. If "Beat The Drum" was about a sense of closure with what had gone before, the band's next album 2001's "The Cross and the Crucible" saw them move confidently into maturity. This symphonic tour-de-force has been described by band members as "the album we always wanted to make". Aggressive but assured, it charts the historical battle between faith and reason for control of the human psyche. A live DVD/double CD "The Blinding Darkness" documented the story so far - even featuring a guest appearance by Lowson in his legendary guise as "The Ripper". "The Dreams of Men" followed. Another 'thematic' album dealing with mankind's hopes and fears. Harder-edged and occasionally darker in tone the album nevertheless features some of Pallas' most beautiful and ambitious music to date. This is a band that continues to astonish audiences - and itself. They have so much more to do.



Tigermoth Records are proud to announce the release of Metamorphosis, the fourth studio album from Magenta on April 21st. 

Without abandoning the sense of melody and dynamics that remain the Magenta trademark, Metamorphosis sees the band taking a darker, more intense path with powerful, sometimes disturbing subject matter.

“I think this album is going to surprise a lot of people, “says Rob Reed “It will challenge many people’s preconceptions of what Magenta are, and what we are capable of musically. Most of it was written on guitar, so some of the material is heavier than before, whilst retaining most of the elements of the Magenta sound.”

The album also marks the band’s return to long-form pieces of music, with two 20 minute-plus songs, namely Metamorphosis, the title track, a disturbing tale of a serial killer with a split personality, and the album opener The Ballad of Samuel Layne, which follows the thoughts of a soldier in the World War One trenches as he prepares to go into battle. 

Rob also comments that with guitars and real strings dominating the arrangements there are fewer keyboards than previous albums: “Watch out for some brilliant performances on the record.” He says. “Christina’s vocals are just astonishing, Tim Robinson delivers a virtuoso performance on drums and Chris Fry has pushed the bar even higher than usual with some amazing lead guitar. I have no doubt that this is, by far, our finest album to date.”

The album was recorded at Big Studios in South Wales, and mixed by Rob Reed and Tim Lewis at the legendary Rockfield Studios near Monmouth in Wales. Rob has written all the music with lyrics by Steve Reed and the stunning artwork is by Killustrations.

The album will be released on April 21st, but will be available from March 22nd from the Magenta shop via . Watch out for an exclusive special pre-order offer to be announced shortly. Regular video updates and sound clips to follow on the website over the next few weeks.

A trailer for the album can be viewed at::
Footage from the mixing session at Rockfield can be seen at:

Album Information:
Track listing:

Lead Vocals: Christina
Keyboards, guitars, bass, recorder, backing vocals: Rob Reed
Drums: Tim Robinson
Lead Guitar: Chris Fry
Detuned guitar: Martin Rosser
Uilleann Pipes: Troy Donockley
Backing vocals: Stephan Rhys Williams 

Contact details;



The best magazine about progressive rock in spanish in the world, Mellotron Magazine, is available now, the issue 36:

More information and available in:




Satellite posted samples of the song taken from their new album "Into The Night". They are available on their official MySpace profile:
"Into The Night" will be released by Metal Mind Productions on the 19th November 2007 in Europe and on the 22nd January 2008 in the USA (via MVD) in two versions: as a standard CD and as a digipack CD edtion including 2 bonus tracks.

1. Into The Night
2. Dreams
3. Downtown Skyline
4. Lights
5. Don't Go Away In Silence
6. Heaven Can Wait
7. Forgiven And Forgotten
Bonus tracks (available only on the digipak edition:
8. Time Stands Still
9. Around The World
Once again, Wojtek Szadkowski invited his colleagues from the neo-prog-rock Collage to create a genuine musical masterpiece of space, melody and beautiful sounds. Moreover, owing to the involvement of Jarek Michalski (bass), the band's music got onto an even higher level. "Into The Night" is the final chapter of the trilogy initiated in 2003 by "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" and followed by "Evening Games" in 2005. It's a must have for fans of good quality progressive rock music.

More info:



Metal Mind Productions presents "She", The Rock Opera by Caamora. The band will perform "She" on 31st October 2007 at the Wyspianski Theatre, Katowice in Poland. 
The musical version of "She" is based on the classic novel of the same name by Victorian adventure writer H. Rider Haggard. Ever since seeing the film version as a child, Clive Nolan (Arena, Pendragon, Neo, Shadowland, Strangers on a Train, Casino etc) has carried this story in his psyche, always intending to create a musical version. Three years ago, his collaboration began with singer Agnieszka Swita, and this marked the beginning Caamora and of their first major project, "She".

The cast for the four main characters looks as follows:

Ayesha - Agnieszka Swita
Leo - Clive Nolan
Holly - Alan Reed (Pallas)
Ustane - Christina Booth (Magenta) 

The 'She' Story
Two explorers travel to Africa and stumble into a world of mystery and intrigue. They discover lost tribes living in vast underground caverns and worshipping a living Goddess... 'She who must be obeyed'... Ayesha, the queen who is believed to be a woman of vast age. She welcomes the explorers, but her true motives soon become apparent. Ayesha has been waiting for the return of the man she loves... a man she murdered over 2000 years ago! The story takes us from the shores of Africa, through a vast network of underground cities, and on to a volcano which contains the mysterious fire of eternal life... 

The concert will be filmed for the future DVD release which will accompany the 2 CD album, set for release on 21st January 2008. The "She" CD will also feature orchestral and choral material giving this Rock Opera an epic and varied appeal, featuring over two hours of music. The musicians involved in the recording of the "She" CD include: Scott Higham (Shadowkeep) on drums, Mark Westwood (Neo) on guitars, Martin Bowen on guitars, John Jowitt (IQ, Neo) on bass, Richard West (Threshold) on keyboards, Steve Williams (Power Quest) on keyboards. Then there's a horn, Oboe and cello player....

The official premiere of the prog-rock opera "She" is an event on a world-wide scale and it is only at Wyspiański Theater that one will be given a chance to bear witness to the splendour of this incredible show. Stunning stage setting, impressive visuals and, of course, breath-taking music will all make for an unforgettable show. Clive Nolan: "We still don't know exactly how this show will turn out; there are many ideas on the table and things are developing all the time. Whatever happens, it's going to be a terrific event - not to be missed!"

But, as regards this special night at the Theatre, this is not all. Caamora will be supported by two fantastic bands - Pallas and The Oliver Wakeman Band! It's going to be a real treat for fans of progressive rock!



Polish progressive rock trio SBB returns with new material! Full length album entitled "The Rock" will be released via Metal Mind Productions on the 5th November 2007 in Europe and on 22nd January 2008 in US (via MVD). As the title suggests, the band's new music is as powerful as a rock. The follow up to the "New Century" album from 2005 was recorded in early Autumn in a refreshed line-up: Józef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos, Gabor Nemethis. Gabor is a very skilled drummer, known from his work with Hungarian bands Scorpió and P. Mobil. The final decision about the line-up change was made during the gig in the Słowianin Club in Szczecin (Poland) earlier this year. It was but their third concert in the new line-up but the warm reception proved it was the right step. Skrzek: "The new line-up means more dynamic and rock sound of SBB. It's very likely that we will start to play older songs in their original arrangements without improvisations on their themes". With the new album, the band surely get back to their roots. One can find on "The Rock" perfect catchy melodies, wonderful distorted walking bass, and the whole music draws from the years of SBB's greatest popularity while, at the same time, bravely reaching into the future. The music featured on this album refers to one of the best periods in the band's career, crowned with the release of "Memento z banalnym tryptykiem" (considered by many to be SBB's opus magnum). Particular themes interlace and change and the songs relate to each other, thus constituting a single coherent story. Beyond the shadow of a doubt, this is the best prog-rock album of the year 2007!
The Rock" is available in two formats: regular CD and a digipak CD with 2 bonus tracks.
Soon after premiere of "The Rock" album the band will hit the road to play several gigs in Poland. The highlight of the tour will take place at Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, where SBB will record the show for the purposes of their future live DVD release.
Label: Metal Mind Records
Format: CD / CD Digipak
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0557
Barcode: 5907785030978
Cat. No.: MMP CD 0558 DG (CD Digipak)
Barcode: 5907785030985 (CD Digipak)
Genre:  progressive rock
Release date: 05.11.2007 Europe / 22.01.2008 USA
1. Skała
2. Płonące myśli
3. In Heaven And Hell
4. Silence
5. Sunny Day
6. My Paradise
7. Pielgrzym
8. Akri
9. Zug a zene mindenhol
Bonus tracks (available only on the digipak edition (MMP CD 0558 DG):
10. Śpiewanie o imionach
11. Gazela



Polish progressive rock band SBB announced a release date of their new material. Full length album entitled "The Rock" will be released via Metal Mind Productions on the 5th November 2007 (20th November in US via MVD). The band in a refreshed line-up: Józef Skrzek, Apostolis Anthimos, Gabor Nemethis is working on the follow up to the "New Century" album from 2005. Gabor is known from his work with Hungarian bands Scorpió and P. Mobil. The final decision about the line-up changes was made during the gig in the Słowianin Club in Szczecin (Poland) earlier this year. It was only their third concert in the new line-up but the warm reception proved it was the right step.

Skrzek: "New line-up means more dynamic and rock sound of SBB. It's very likely that we will start to play older songs in their original arrangements without improvisation on the theme. It was a huge surprise for us that Gabor, SBB's fan for years now, knows the album versions of the songs so well."

In this line-up SBB entered Zbigniew Preisner's studio to record material. Soon after premiere of "The Rock" album the band will hit the road to play several gigs in Poland. The highlight of the tour will take place at Wyspianski Theatre in Katowice, where SBB will record the show for the purposes of their future live DVD release.

"The Rock" will be available in two formats: regular CD and a digipak CD with bonus tracks. More details to follow soon!


* Satellite, one of the best progressive rock bands in Poland, announced their return! 

Wojtek Szadkowski has once again invited other musicians from neo-prog Collage to create a masterpiece of space, melody and beautiful sounds. The new album entitled "Into The Night" is the final chapter of the trilogy started in 2003 by "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" and followed by "Evening Games" in 2005. As the band claims, it's their third and best offering. 
2003 "A Street Between Sunrise And Sunset" CD (MMP CD 0199)
2005 "Evening Games" CD (MMP CD 0297) / CD Digipak limited edition (MMP CD 0298 DG) / Bonus Video limited edition CD (MMP CD 0357)
2005 "Evening Dreams" DVD (MMP DVD 0050) / DVD+CD digipack limited edition (MMP DVD 0051) 
2007 "Into The Night" CD (MMP CD 0559) / CD DG (MMP CD 0560 DG)



Jordan's Updates: 

I. Jordan at Moogfest 2007
Jordan will be performing at Moogfest 2007 in NYC on September 22nd. He will be joined onstage by sonic exploration cohort, and technical guru, Richard Lainhart. [together, they are the co-creators of Fistful of Patchchords]

Here are the details, straight from the source:

B.B. King's Blues Club in New York City will once again open its doors to Moogfest, the annual festival commemorating and celebrating the groundbreaking achievements of maverick inventor Robert Moog and his namesake synthesizer. Slated for 7:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 22, the fourth annual Moogfest will once again be a synthesizer fan's dream.

Already scheduled to perform are renowned keyboardists and long-standing Moog users Jordan Rudess (Dream Theater), Thomas Dolby, Adam Holzman (Miles Davis), Spiraling, Don Preston (Frank Zappa/Mothers of Invention), Gershon Kingsley, Herb Deutsch and Erik Norlander, among others. In addition to performing, Gershon Kingsley and Herb Deutsch will be receiving the Bob Moog Legacy Award, recognizing their unique, lasting artistry as expressed through Moog instruments.


II. New Solo Album, "The Road Home" 

Jordan's new CD, entitled The Road Home, is being released September 12th.

Check out some tasty samples and pre-order 

The Road Home is both a homage and crowning achievement in prog rock's great exploratory tradition. Jordan revisits classic progressive acts such as ELP, Genesis, Yes and Gentle Giant - decoding established classics, while sculpting his own distinctive style. Special guests appearing are: Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree), Neal Morse (Spock's Beard), Ed Wynne (Ozric Tentacles), Kip Winger (Winger), Rod Morgenstein (Winger), Bumblefoot (Guns'N'Roses), Marco Sfogli (JamesLaBrie), Nick D'Virgilio (Spock's Beard), and Ricky Garcia (Lafee).

Order now to ensure delivery on the release date. First 50 orders will receive a free autographed insert. For more information about the album, and for sample clips, please click here.


* MAGMA in Concert 

Christian Vander and Magma will be in the United States for two gigs! The June
24th Concert at NEARfest (Bethlehem, Ph.) is arleady sold up, but they will be
playing on June 23rd in Brooklyn, NYC at the Club Europa.

For this quick visit on the American continent, Magma will play the entire
version of "Ëmëhntëht-Rê", which they have already started to record, and
which will be the next album released by the band in 2008.

More info on these American concerts at:


Christian VANDER : drums, vocals
Benoît ALZIARY : vibraphone, keyboards
Emmanuel BORGHI : keyboards
Philippe BUSSONNET : bass
Isabelle FEUILLEBOIS : vocals, percussions
James MAC GAW : guitar
Antoine PAGANOTTI : vocals
Himiko PAGANOTTI : vocals
Stella VANDER : vocals, percussions

Finally, we remind you that the third DVD of the series "Myths and Legends 35
years of music" is available since June 10th. On the programm: "Köhntarkösz",
"Lïhns", "Ëmëhntëht-Rê", "Nono", "The Last Seven Minutes". Recorded in may
2005 at Le Triton (Les Lilas / Paris).



The old legend from the seventies, "Pablo El Enterrador" was playing a wonderfoul show in Santa Fe City, the past March 2007, and are ready for released a new CD called "Trifonic" en some months



The new Clive Nolan´s project called CAAMORA, with Clive and the polish singer Agnieszka Swita.

CAAMORA are in a world tour, was playing in Buenos Aires in 2007 again

You can listen the CAAMORA´s regards for El Retorno del Gigante




Is ready the new CD from Nexus, called "Buenos Aires Free Experience Vol. 2"

New improvisations album released by label "Record Runner"



The new progressive band "Anima Obscura" is ready!

The music is progressive instrumental rock, Frank D'Angelo on midi electric guitar,guitar synth,and loops, Michael Petiford on Drums,percussion and Chapman Stick,and Elliot Hillis on bass.

It definitely is in a progressive high energy hard rock vein, although,some pieces feature chapman stick,as well as very symphonic and or ethereal layers of guitar synth. It is very dynamic and ecclectic, very excitng music

"Anima Obscura" are currently recording our debut cd.

The website is:

And for listen:


JADIS Newsletter                                                                                             Autumn 2006

Latest news - The band will be playing a show in Southampton on Friday 24th November, this will be the last UK gig this year, although the band are currently arranging a tour for Spring 2007. Details as follows :
Talking Heads
Friday 24th November

They are also playing in Helmond, Holland, the night after. This will be the ONLY date in mainland Europe, details below :
Saturday 25th November
Advance tickets for this show can be purchased via the outlets : and
Steve Thorne will be opening for us on both nights and will be showcasing some of the new material from his album Emotional Creatures - Part 2, which will be available Feb / March '07.
The master tapes for the bands 1996 album 'Somersault' are presently being transferred to disc so that they can be remixed and remastered along with extra material for a re-release in early 2007.
Plans for an extensive tour in early Spring 2007 are also being arranged.
See you at the gigs,
Jack Hammer (Dr.)

              Post : P.O. Box 21, Bishops Waltham, Southampton, Hampshire. SO32 1XD. England.
              Email :
              Website :



The new issue  is ready.

For information and suscriptions:

Florida 537 Floor 1 Shop 441 Cap.Fed.

Call: 54-11-4327-0379